“Over the last two years I have been making drawings, not to sell but just for myself to explore feelings and emotions. Finding out what is inside me and staying with it rather than being really busy and moving on, which is my natural stance in life. I suppose just exploring that feeling by putting it into lines, and then using patterns to fill that and letting that evolve and see where it goes, so letting go as the image grows.

As I did these and showed these drawings to friends a few people said it was almost like a language, there are over 30 different ones here. So, then I started looking at symbols as its own language, and looking at runes, and ancient way of writing, and each rune had a much deeper meaning than a simple word. So then that encouraged me to put different words around each symbol as well. They started with the images and then evolved.

Then I was thinking about how to share these, and rather than a book, I love the idea of someone pulling out one and holding it for that day or that moment, being for some reason being an image that you are drawn to. You might want to put it by your bed and think about it or look over the other side and see what it is about. To stay with the image and stay with the symbol.

Something to look over, like an art book, while you have a coffee, and hopefully enjoy the images.
So here they are! These are for sale as a collection of images.”

Wendy Rolt

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