Cards & Prints

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Each box holds 30 drawings created by artist Wendy Rolt who lives and works in Cornwall.
Deeply influenced by Celtic wisdom, which reminds us that all of creation is sacred and all
true connection is where life opens its wings, each image was drawn as a process of
connection between a present emotion and where that was felt in the physical body and
allowing an image to unfold.

You may find yourself drawn to some forms more than others, or even certain images
during certain times, which echoes how they were made. To be used as you like, these
cards are simply one person’s expression of an internal world, a visual and creative language
to what can remain unseen and never explored.

The words and symbol on the back of each card were written in response to the particular
image by the artist, they may lend some insight into the feelings and questions that circle
the specific drawing.

Each work was originally hand drawn using graphite pencil on recycled and reused card and handmade paper.

Price per box of 30 cards £65 including postage to the UK.

Giclee prints are available of each of the 30 images, A3, A4, & A5, price includes postage.

These will be sent to you rolled in a tube.Unlimited editions.

Print prices:
A3 – £70
A4 – £50
A5 – £30