Artist painting studio set in a 17th-century farm on The Saints Way

Artist Wendy Rolt has recently returned to Cornwall and set up studio in a 17th century farm on The Saints Way, changing the tempo of life and her work which she has been exhibiting locally on both solo and group exhibitions. She has also joined other local artists in the Kernow Collective; a group that inspires each other and exhibits together.

“Having painted for many years in London and now Cornwall based I am interested in what lies beneath. My work is often figurative however even when influenced by landscape I hope to capture the feel of my subject. Having recently moved into the farm which is full of its own stories and life my work is a start at living and responding to the immense character that has come before and goes on beyond me.”

Open Studio Wendy Rolt

Wendy has an open studio event taking place which she would be delighted to see you at.

Studio open 28th May-1 June
Trenince Farm, Bodmin, Cornwall

To see Wendy’s work online visit the website or contact her for more information.   |

For directions on how to get there and more information about the event please follow the link here

Open Studio Wendy Rolt

Wendy Rolt artist studio